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DBC Marketing combines the critical elements for organizations to engage with employees and align with the company’s mission, values and goals. Our strategies include customized solutions consistent with your company's culture and objectives. Our mission is to provide an environment that not only engages employees but helps them raise their efforts and performance to meet today's economic challenges and drive results. We approach engagement and performance assignments using a customized 5 step process that assess, diagnosis and then prescribe. Our services and tools include:

  • Comprehensive Evaluations and Assessments.
  • Program Structure and Development.
  • ROI Analysis and Financial Metrics.
  • Training / Workshop modules.
  • Benchmarking, Measurement and Improvement.

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DBC Marketing is a team of dedicated professionals with specific expertise in areas of employee performance and engagement. We believe in the value that engaged employees create and have the tools to bring about change. We provide a comprehensive, systemized approach to develop and sustain the very environment and culture that drives employee performance and results.

Engaged leaders know that employees want to understand their responsibilities and how they contribute, be recognized and rewarded, work for a fair organization and be given the environment to deliver desired results.

Engaged leaders also know that customer loyalty is derivative of employee loyalty.

DBC Marketing embrace these principles, and also "Encouraging the Heart" leadership practices that support and inspire the employee performance necessary to achieve company goals.

DBC Marketing brings a variety of solutions to clients that recognize the value creation opportunity.

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(519) 656-1066 or email: sales@dbcmarketing.ca


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